27 months

Dearest Monkey Man,

I know it's been six months since I last wrote and for that I am sorry. Mommy has been quite busy taking care of you while Daddy was in Africa for awhile. But now we are all back together and loving life.
There have been many changes in you since I last wrote. You are so tall! You have gone from chubby baby to long and lean little boy! You are 32 lbs and 37" tall now, 75% for height. Thank goodness you still have some of that baby fat though...I squeeze and kiss it as much as possible while I still can!
You are talking in short sentences now and communicating what you want pretty clearly. Although, your requests are a bit odd sometimes. The other day I asked you what you wanted for breakfast and you said "baked beans."
You LOVE Curious George. Completely obsessed. Forget Elmo...just put the monkey on Mommy! He is going to be at the Children's Museum this weekend and Grammie is going to take you. I can't wait to see your reaction!
You love anything and everything to do with balls. You love to throw/catch/hit/roll the ball and request to do so at any chance by saying "ready Mommy?" You also love to swim. I've been taking you to the pool lately and you won't even hold my hand anymore. You want to do everything on your own and be like the "big boys" you see splashing around. I relish every time you come swimming back to me saying "Mommy up?" because I know this will end soon.
A week ago we almost lost you. Somehow you managed to escape out of the gym daycare and a kind lady found you in the parking lot. You are quite the escape artist and gave Mommy a big scare. Just the thought of not seeing your beautiful smile everyday and hearing your sweet little voice brought me to tears. I thank God that His angels were protecting you that day.


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