19-20 months

Dearest Calder-loo,

I'm sorry I missed your letter last month. It's been quite busy around here lately with the holidays.
I don't even know where to begin because you are changing so fast. You are starting to look like a little boy now. Your legs are getting longer and (sadly) less chubby and your face has thinned out a bit. But you've still got those plump kissable cheeks, thank goodness. Your legs are getting faster and you can practically run now.
A lot has happened in the past 2 months. You wear glasses now. Dr. A noticed that one of your eyes wasn't focusing properly, so we took you to the Va Eye Center to have things checked out. They want you to wear glasses for a awhile to help train that eye and side of the brain. Hopefully the glasses will help and you won't need surgery. So we found you some stylin' toddler glasses and you look pretty adorable in them. Sometimes you'll gladly wear them and other times you're NOT a fan.
Two weeks ago we had to take you to the ER. It was a very scary time for Mommy. It started out as a minor cold and by the end of the day you couldn't breathe. I know what that feels like and I'm sorry you had to go through it.
You got your first guitar for Christmas and you're completely obsessed. One of the first things you do in the morning is pat your tummy and say "gi ta gi ta gi ta" (you're making the noise of the guitar). You're already very good at it and will tap your foot to the beat, just like Poppy. I think it's safe to say that music will be a huge part of your life. You also continue to love to read. Thank goodness you got some new books for Christmas...it was getting hard to read the same ones over and over:)
Lately you've been a bit of a parrot and will copy anything we do. I've even caught you throwing things in the trash like me (including my Christmas tree skirt:) Dr. A noticed how you mimicked him with the stethascope and told us that you're very smart for doing this already, but that we're going to have to watch you very closely from now on!
You're such a little boy. You love to do "1 2 3 boom!" on the couch and body slam me. You love to be tickled and chased around the house. You squeal with delight!
You discover new words every day and are starting to put together two words like "big truck" or "Mommy shoe." It's amazing to watch you make the connection and say a new word for the first time.
You're just the cutest thing and always the life of the party. Thank you for being such a sweet little boy and bringing tremendous joy into our lives.