21 months

Dearest Calder-loo,

I wasn't one of those Moms that bonded instantly with her baby. I mean, I loved you right away...but I didn't know you. Now I know you inside and out and you totally have my heart. I have to restrain myself from constantly squeezing you and smothering you with kisses...you're just the cutest thing.
You've had a pretty rough month. You had eye surgery on January 5, then you wound up in the hospital the following week for RSV. It wasn't fun, but you were such a trooper. We got to watch a lot of Elmo and snuggle.
You still love music. It's the only thing that consistently holds your attention. We go to "Bickie" (what you call Grammie) and Poppy's house for dinner once a week and you rock out with Poppy. He turns on the electric guitar and you say "pick!" Sometimes you also play on the keyboard or have a drum lesson.
You're getting better and better at feeding yourself. You can use the spoon pretty well now and you're not a fan of the high chair anymore...that's for babies.
You are really starting to put words together now. You speak in two word sentences (Mommy eat?) and you can usually repeat a new word if I say "Can you say____?" My favorite thing is when I ask you about our day. You babble for a good minute or two, with a few words that I recognize sprinkled in. It's amazing that you can already recall that much.
You surprise me daily and provide endless entertainment.