the living room

So the living room is coming together nicely. As you may remember, I was going to use this fabulous Orla Kiely pillow as a jumping off point:

I was also going to go with a cute little yellow danish modern sofa from cb2. Hubs was NOT into the tiny yellow couch and I must admit that it was pretty impractical. We like to curl up on our couch and that petite thing was not conducive to curling. I'm glad I was patient because instead, I got my DREAM couch! I had seen this couch used in a few of my favorite design magazines (Cottage Living, Domino, etc) and hunted it down. It's made by Lee Industries and low and behold, most of Crate & Barrel's furniture is made by Lee. I was also informed by my favorite sales associate (yes, it's sad...they know me well over there) that I could order any Lee product through Crate & Barrel AND get 25% off during the custom upholstery sale...YIPPEE!! Without further ado, here she is...

I love everything about it...the single cushion, the low track arms (that prevent cricks in the neck when lying down to watch TV), the fluffy down back cushions and the clean lines. I went with a soft grayish-brown linen to hide stains and hold its own against a toddler. It's also made with a removable slipcover so I can wash it or switch it out if I get bored.
I tried the Orla pillows on it, along with a rug that I had bought on clearance awhile back:

The rug is cute, but SUPER annoying. It's wool (not soft), shows dirt like nobody's business and super thin so it slides around easily. Kennon HATES this rug. With a passion. So, it was back to square one. I decided to use the pillows with my African patio furniture in the sunroom instead, since those pieces have a mod egg shape and the pillows have a mid century feel. So off I went in search of a different scheme and wouldn't you know it, I came right back to a pattern I fell in love with ages ago:

It has gray in it, so it looks fabulous with the couch. And then there's my favorite color, robin egg blue. I decided to do pillows and two chairs from Target that I blogged about here in the pattern and I found a Dash & Albert rug that compliments the scheme perfectly:

I spray painted the wicker coffee table (previously icky brown) a bright white, but I'm not sure about it. I feel like it sort of looks like a white blob. It may look different when the chairs are in, but I may need to repaint it a lime green...or repaint the walls robin egg blue so there's not so much white.
I'd also like to use this fabric as an accent, maybe as drapes or on a long pillow for the center of the couch:

I'm really excited about it and hope it all comes together!


  1. oh my dear sarah... can i hire you when we move back to the states? i need you to design my LIFE! love all that stuff you put together. i'm so happy things seem to be going well for you two. africa, in case you are wondering, has not changed :)

  2. Hey Sarah, I'm a friend of Jaime's. I absolutely love your new house, how charming! Great choices in the living room!